Realpolitik in Guinea

From its independence in 1958 to 2008, Guinea has only been ruled by two dictators, Sékou Touré and Lansana Conté. After a bloodless coup in December 2008, the army promised a rapid “democratic transition” which was only democratic in name. On 28th September 2009, Moussa Dadis Camara at the head of the junta was directly responsible for the massacre of at least 150 Guineans in Conakry.

In 2010, the pressure of the international community was visible very early in the preparation of the democratic elections. This pressure was not subtle at all. Guinea as the main bauxite producer in the world was too strategic to be left alone. No need for Wikileaks to reveal that the French and Americans were the main powers behind the scene.

What were the main motives of their actions in Guinea? Philanthropy? Democracy? Development? Battle against drug dealers? None of these. There was not even an official reason for their interference. The “democratic transition” in Guinea was a pure example of Realpolitik. Good luck to Alpha Condé who was democratically elected on 3rd December 2010.

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