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Côte d’Ivoire: AU Leaders Soften Stance On Gbagbo

The current stand-off between Laurent Ggagbo and Alassane Ouattara in Ivory Coast raises serious questions about the legitimacy and ability for intervention of international bodies in African national politics. While Ouattara was declared winner of the November elections by the international (predominantly western) community it is Laurent Gbagbo whose hand has today been strengthened once more.  President Museveni of Uganda, among others within Africa, has called for an African solution to the problem and thereby seemingly undermining Outtara’s position as a legitimate democratically elected  leader. And with the international focus now firmly fixed on Egypt it seems unlikely that signifcant pressure will be brought to bear on Gbagbo to alter a situation in which other leaders within Africa appear to be willing to back down and support the more powerful candidate. So is Museveni right; does the situation require a specifically African solution? Or are the AU and ECOWAS being derailed by the foreign policy directives of powerful African leaders like Museveni, Raila Odinga and Jacob Zuma?

Article Source: Daily Nation; Kenya; via


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