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Tunisia, Egypt, Libya: the boomerang effect in France

In a previous post, I discussed the recent Tunisian travel of Michèle Alliot-Marie, the French Foreign Minister. Yesterday, she officially resigned. Why? There is a direct link between the recent democratic upheavals in Northern Africa and French politics. Indeed, the … Continue reading

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In search of an African revolution

International media is following protests across the ‘Arab world’ but ignoring those in Africa. Twenty elections scheduled for 2011 across sub-Saharan Africa. Why hasn’t the brutal treatment of the opposition in Ivory Coast and Gabon attracted the same international response as … Continue reading

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UN Security Council Imposes Gaddafi Sanctions

The usually divided UN security council has declared sanctions, including a travel and arms ban, on Libya’s Colonel Gaddafi. Gaddafi also becomes the first sitting head of state to be unanimously referred to the International Criminal Court (ICC) for war crimes.

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The situation in Libya at 28/02/2011

Zawiyah: 30 miles from Tripoli, the city on the frontline of Libya’s revolt: The city of Zawiyah, controlled by rebels but surrounded by Gaddafi loyalists, is a metaphor for the current stalemate Guardian journalist Peter Beaumont has been inside Libya … Continue reading

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Museveni Will Reach Thirty Years

The results of Uganda’s days old election may have surprised no-one but for a third time in a row the incumbent President’s victory has raised questions over what should be defined as election ‘rigging’. The rise of Museveni’s support to 68% of the … Continue reading

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Gaddafi will fight

Libyans have been protesting against Muammar Gaddafi’s regime for eight days and Gaddafi is still in Tripoli. Why is he staying? Because he has got nowhere else to go according to a specialist of Northern African politics, Geoff Porter. After … Continue reading

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Tunisia and Egypt in 2011: Political analysis or fortune-telling?

In January and February 2011, Tunisia and Egypt respectively ousted their dictators Ben Ali and Moubarak. The roots of these revolutions were easily identifiable and explainable: high unemployment, poverty, corruption, lack of democracy. However, most historians, journalists, political analysts and … Continue reading

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