The International Community Must Decide Now

Today could prove a turning point in Libya but only if the international community shows its hand in a firm course of action. As Libyan rebels battle Gaddafi’s forces for control of the key town of Brega, around 200km south of the rebel stronghold of Benghazi, anti-government forces have announced their intention to call on the UN for tactical airstrikes in response to Gaddafi’s air assaults on key protesting towns this morning. How will the international community respond? The US has already proved unwilling to back European calls for a no-fly zone over Libya resulting in the back-tracking of British Prime Minister David Cameron on the same policy. If UN members fail to agree as Gadaffi strikes back this could have disastrous consequences for hopes of a new regime. One way or another the UN must not vacillate as it has done so often in sub-Saharan Africa; a clear policy is required, alongside the resources to see the situation through to the end.

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