Ivory Coast 2011: what a rubbish film

The current war in Ivory Coast would make a very bad film script. So bad that no Hollywood firm would even fund such a rubbish film. Let’s have a look at the script.

Since 2004, the United Nations have been in the country  to organise the elections. Their official objectives: “Disarmament, demobilization, reintegration, repatriation, resettlement, law and order” were long forgotten by 2010.

28 November 2010: two old political rivals, Laurent Gbagbo and Alassane Ouattara claimed they won the presidential elections. Obviously, they disagreed and they both declared themselves as the rightful president of Ivory Coast.

December 2010-March 2011:  Leonardo di Caprio in Blood Diamonds might have been interested in these four months. Oh wait! Nicholas Cage and his Lord of War would have preferred this role. In December 2010, the two Ivoirian presidents sought money and weapons from … everyone. With the support of the Ivorian army, Gbagbo obtained the help of Angola and South Africa. In February 2011, the latter even tried to buy helicopters from Belarus. Not surprisingly, Ouattara had the support of the Western powers, the United Nations and the Economic Community of West Africa. As a result, Gbagbo controlled the south of the country whereas Ouattara’s forces dominated the north. Ouattara himself was besieged in his “hotel du Golfe” in Abidjan and was protected by the United Nations forces.

The villain bought weapons from the ex-Soviet Union whereas Princess Ouattara was still prisoner in her castle of the “Hotel du Golfe”.

Despite his personal position, Ouattara had been advancing his pawns since the end of 2010. He applied the tactics of asphyxiating the economy of his rival. And he succeeded. At the beginning of 2011, sources of income dramatically decreased for Gbagbo. Without cocoa and tax income, what could he do? On the other hand, Ouattara secured a loan from the Central Bank of West African States…

April 2011: Enter the French (again). What about a good story with an uninvited guest? In 2008, Sarkozy announced in Cape Town that he wanted to “change the pattern of relations between France and Africa.” On 5 April 2011, French helicopters fired at Gbagbo forces. On 11 April, the French Licorne helped arrest Gbagbo. Neo-colonialism all over again.

How would this film end up? Would we have a truth and conciliation commission as in South Africa? Would someone try to explain how more than 800 Ivoirians happened to be killed in Duékoué at the end of March 2011? One thing is certain, this film will never get an Oscar.


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One Response to Ivory Coast 2011: what a rubbish film

  1. You ruined it! I was sending a script to Spielberg this afternoon. I even had Sammy J enlisted to play Outtara.

    Disgruntled director @ perspectivesonafrica

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