Escalation of Demonstrations in Uganda

Increasingly violent battles between police and protestors within Uganda appear to have escalated over night and throughout the morning. Areas of Kampala, the Ugandan capital are virtually impassable according to local reports and the road from the airport at Entebbe is under security lockdown. Police appear to be engaged in battles with protestors in areas such as Wandegeya, Nakulaybe and Ntinda, as well as at the main campus of Makerere Univeristy where uncofirmed reports suggest police have used teargas to clear student halls of residence. Rioting has also spread to the eastern towns of Mbale and Jinja. The Ugandan daily, The Monitor, is reporting 84 injured so far in the riots though that number is likely to grow. The number of people who have died is unclear at this juncture but deaths have been reported.

The increasingly tense situation within Uganda has been prompted by a number of factors including rising living costs and fuel prices and the repeated, often brutal arrests  of main opposition leader Kizza Besiyge who has been instrumental in heading recent ‘Walk to Work’ protests in sympathy with those who can no longer afford public transport.

Main Sources: The Daily Monitor/ The New Vision/ Reports from inside Kampala.


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