Uganda 2010: A Photo Diary


During my PhD research in Uganda last year I constantly found myself documenting both events, and the changing landscapes around me as I moved through the central region conducting interviews and undertaking exciting (if less research related) weekend explorations. Uganda, as portrayed by the international media, is often characterised by a concentration on images of destitution and famine and although it is undeniable that such problems exist to be documented, the country’s vibrancy and beauty is often forgotton as a consequence. Similarly, where parts of Kenya and Tanzania’s physical and human vistas are quite well known through documentaries and holiday advertisements, discussions before and after my trip and my own experiences have convinced me that Uganda remains a country little understood and one which people really couldn’t pick out of a line-up. So here, in perhaps a first installment, I want to share a few images that I gathered along the way.


Kampala taxi park at night

Downtown Kampala viewed from Muyenga

Fisherman, Entebbe


Kabaka Ronald Mutebi II of Buganda arrives at the Lubiri Palace


Lake Bunyonyi


School children clear up before class, Buvuma Island


Leaving Buvuma Island


Steaming forests, Bushenyi


A western arm of the Great Rift Valley


Sese Islands at dusk


Distant islands of the Sese archipelago across a calm Lake Victoria

By Aidan Stonehouse

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