The Senegalese wrath

Enough is enough for many Senegalese. Last week, they prevented their president Abdoulaye Wade from modifying the election system. The latter in office since 2000 wanted to create a vice-president who would have been elected on the same ticket as the president. Knowing that the next presidential elections will take place in 2012 and that Wade’s son, Karim, is already minister, it is quite easy to predict who would have been vice-president. But the Senegalese decided otherwise. Last week, after violent protests and opposition within his own party, Wade had to give up his plans. There will be no vice-president in Senegal, for now…

The Senegalese wrath is not over though. Power cuts are becoming more and more frequent in the country. Yesterday, many Senegalese expressed their anger in violent demonstrations in Dakar and Mbour against the national electricity company, Senelec. With political and economic unrest in the country, the next presidential elections will be anxiously expected by many Senegalese.

Vincent Hiribarren


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