The new Moroccan constitution

After demonstrations which started on 20th February 2011, Morocco was the third Arabic country after Tunisia and Egypt to witness political unrest. The oldest Arabic monarchy had to give in to pressure.

On 1st July 2011, the Moroccans voted “Yes” to the referendum for the new constitution put forward by King Mohammed VI. 73% of adults voted and 98.5% of them chose to replace the 1996 constitution. Many Moroccans wonder if they cast their vote for a superficial reform or if it will mark the beginning of a new constitutional monarchy.

The following articles are a translation of an excerpt of the new constitution. Among other issues raised: Berbers, Saharans, women, justice, democracy.

Article 1:

Morocco is a constitutional, democratic, parliamentary and social democracy. The constitutional regime of the Kingdom is based on the separation, balance and collaboration of powers. It is also based on participative and citizen-focused democracy as well as on good governance and the correlation between responsibility and accountability.

Article 3:

Islam is the official religion. The State guarantees the freedom of religion.

Article 5:

Arabic remains the official language. […] Tamazight constitutes an official language as common heritage for all the Moroccans without exception […] The State also preserves the Hassani culture as an integral part of the united cultural identity of Morocco.

Article 19

Men and women enjoy an equal footing on civic, political, economic, social, cultural and environmental rights and freedoms.


Translation from French:

Vincent Hiribarren


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