Top ten African film list

Do you agree with this list? Vote and propose your own top ten!


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3 Responses to Top ten African film list

  1. Simone Pelizza says:

    I didn’t see “Hotel Rwanda”, so I vote for the “Battle of Algiers”. Great movie, extremely realistic in its depiction of the Franco-Algerian conflict. And the director is even a fellow Italian! 🙂

    • Ah Simone, you should see Hotel Rwanda, a brilliant film. But I can exclusively reveal that the 2nd vote for Battle of Algiers is mine. An incredible portrayal and made so close to the time that the rawness almost exudes from the screen!


  2. 1. Out of Africa
    2. African Queen
    3. Casablanca
    4. Battle of Algiers
    5. Last King of Scotland
    6. Heritage Africa
    7. Tsotsi

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