My View On A New Libya

Following the death of Colonel Gadaffi, Kisaka Robinson gives his personal view from Uganda on recent events.

My View On A New Libya

Like the rest of world I convey my gratitude to the now former rebels of the National Transitional Council for the effort they have exhibited in their move for liberating the peoples of Libya from 42 years of Col. Muamar Gadafi.

 However, all the support and gratitude does not mean that Pan-African solidarity has died within Africans for their doing! The way Col. Gadafi was killed does not portray a humanitarian nature when we all know that he was captured alive alongside his son Mutassim.

 The videos which showed his death displayed the violation of human dignity, and more so to a person who was once a head of state!  In the Moslem faith it is indicated that a person should be buried immediately after his/her death.  Though most of NTC personnel are Moslem, Gadafi’s body stayed for more days!

 The actions of new African leaders in demolishing the properties and history of former leaders will not be the solution for building democracy in Africa.  Like how rebels of the new government of Libya did to Bob Al-Aziziya in Tripoli.  After Mandela was released after 27 years in prison, he never tried revenge. Up to now he is praised in Africa as the father of Pan-Africanism.

 Many countries especially in Europe have protected their heritage and history, which has allowed them to have a rich history.  In Britain they remember Oliver Cromwell and his statue still stands outside Westminster; Napoleon Bonaparte who disturbed Europe is still remembered and tourists go to see and read his history; even us in Africa we study him in our syllabus.

 In reality Col. Gadafi was a dictator but he has also done good things for the people of Libya including free health care to all Libyans; education, economy, infrastructure and mostly all African countries have benefited from him not forgetting the African Union, of which he was a main funder.  No one can talk about Libya and not mention Gadafi!.  After his death, Europe and America congratulated NTC without any African state doing so.  Only that can explain how Gadafi was a man of the people who needed at least a decent burial.

 However, though they have oil Libya needs money from tourism to develop their country.  Sons and grandsons will remember Gadafi in Africa.  Let us move by wishing the new government good governance to the people ofLibya and continue to support Africans in any way possible.  REMEMBER killing is not the answer, but reconcile.

Kisaka Robinson

Kisaka Samuel Robinson graduated from Makerere University with a BA in Tourism in 2010. Currently based in Kampala (Uganda) he works as a research assistant and with Buganda Kingdom.

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