Did Sarkozy receive money from Omar Bongo?

In a previous post, I talked about the connection between the French presidents and some of their African counterparts. Officially, the current French president, Nicolas Sarkozy has never received any money from anyone. It would be an understatement to say that many people are sceptical.

Two French journalists, Xavier Harel and Thomas Hofnung, have just published today a book entitled Le Scandale des biens mal acquis (The Scandal of the ill-gotten gains). Guess what they revealed five months before the next French elections? According to them, Sarkozy’s 2007 campaign was partly funded by Omar Bongo, the president of Gabon from 1967 to 2009.

To prove their point, they used the testimony of a former Gabonese minister who is now in the opposition. This man called Mike Jocktane is a pastor well-know for his opposition to the current president of Gabon, Ali Bongo (son of the previous president, Omar Bongo). In addition, he used to be a member of the Union Nationale a political party dissolved by Ali Bongo in July 2011. Mike Jocktane did not provide any evidence but is categoric about one fact: Gabonese money has never ceased to be injected into French politics.

By “revealing” that Sarkozy received money from Gabon, Jocktane might influence the next elections in Gabon in December 2011. By publishing his account, the French journalists might also be willing to discredit Sarkozy. However, Jocktane claimed that every time money was given to a French politician, there was a video being shot. Will we see these videos one day? Let me doubt it.

Vincent Hiribarren






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