Uganda Separatism: Acholi’s Seek to Form New Nile Republic

After many years of civil war caused by the Lord’s Resistance Army under Joseph Kony in northern Uganda, the most affected people, the Acholi, are raising the issue of whether they should remain part of the country. Through their lawmakers such as Kitgum’s female MP Beatrice Anywar and Kilak County MP Mr Gilbert Olanya they are seeking to secede from Uganda to form a ‘Nile Republic’ or to join Southern Sudan. In large part increasing opposition has arisen over the northern Uganda recovery program fund. Last Friday leading figures called a rally at Pece stadium to announce the move.

The move comes after rampant corruption and embezzlement of rehabilitation funds given by western powers through the prime minister’s office. The leaders from the Acholi region are discontented about the poor distribution of resources and poor infrastructure since the end of the LRA war in Uganda.

Another fear by Acholi figures is based around the land issue. The government is planning to give a significant amount of land, especially from Amulu district, to the investor Madvani to grow sugarcane for sugar production in Uganda. Most people in the region disagree with the move since most land here is customary land.

Although the government of Uganda has played a big role in developing the region, much is still needed to comfort vulnerable people who have stayed in IDP camps for over twenty years. Much as the NGO’s have involved themselves in improving peoples’ lives many of the funds meant to help communities are being wasted in hotel workshops.

If the government is to ensure a good relationship with the Acholi people it should adopt a collaborative approach and involve local leaders in the rehabilitation of the region.

Kisaka Samuel Robinson: Director, Muro Tours and Travel Ltd,


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