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In the eyes of a University student: Ethnicity

Ethnicity is to a large extent a very complicated word in particular when looking at it in the context or pre and post-colonial Africa. It was a word that during my studies most people tried to avoid. It has different … Continue reading

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Kony2012 and The Reality Of Northern Uganda

Our very own Ugandan correspondent, Kisaka Robinson, analyses the recent Kony2012 internet phenomenon and highlights the real problems affecting northern Uganda currently: Recently the organization ‘Invisible Children’ launched a 30-minutes documentary entitled, Kony 2012.The documentary is full of tears and misery … Continue reading

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So, Kony2012, the viral video produced by the organisation ‘Invisible Children” aimed ostenisbly at raising awareness of the need to capture the Lord’s Resistance Army leader Joseph Kony and bring him to justice has today gone mega being viewed millions … Continue reading

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