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Africa: Interactive Historical Timeline

Today’s Guardian carries an interactive map detailing Africa’s changing boundaries throughout the twenty century. Click through and roll over to watch the continent’s borders evolve often in response to outside influences. http://www.guardian.co.uk/global-development/interactive/2011/jul/11/a-political-history-of-africa-interactive Advertisements

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Follow Up on South Sudan

Following the recent escalation of tensions in Sudan the United Nations have led investigations into the clashes in order to calm the uncertainty during the lead up to South Sudan’s independence in July. Officials have estimated that the recent violence … Continue reading

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Podcast: The Scramble for Borno (1890-1961)

In this podcast, I try to analyse the Scramble for Africa in the Lake Chad region. I especially focus on the example of Borno located in modern-day Nigeria. I want to prove that the Scramble for Borno was a long … Continue reading

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A PhD in African History

My project examines the history of Borno, a region located nowadays in north-eastern Nigeria on the western shores of Lake Chad. The aim of my thesis is to obtain a broad sense of the question of the boundaries and territory … Continue reading

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Which borders for Southern Sudan?

In January 2011, the Southern Sudanese voted overwhelmingly for their independence from Khartoum. After years of civil war, their forced relationship with the north is over. Where will the borders of the forthcoming state be? The new country inherited its … Continue reading

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