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When your mobile phone becomes your bank: M-PESA in Kenya

I have recently been to Kenya and, despite the fact I had already heard about this money transfer system, I was struck by the omnipresence of a mobile money service called M-PESA (meaning “mobile money” in Swahili) . The principle … Continue reading

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Danger of landslides in eastern Uganda

Danger of landslides in eastern Uganda by Kisaka Robinson In March 2010 Uganda started to experience massive landslides. That year over 100 people died and survivors were displaced to new areas which were more stable. Since then people have been … Continue reading

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Considering the East African Community

THE JOURNEY TOWARDS AN EAST AFRICAN COMMUNITY; OPPORTUNITIES AND CHALLENGES. By Kisaka Robinson  The agreement to establish an east African community was signed on 31st November 1999; by 7th July 2000 the agreement had been ratified by the original three … Continue reading

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Early this month, the Al-Shabab terrorist group appointed new leaders in their quest to continue supporting terrorism in the Horn of Africa; in particular, in Somalia and neighboring countries like Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda and others.  The top most leaders within … Continue reading

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Africa: News Update

Kenya arrests suspect with grenade cache after blasts Congo-Kinshasa: Only a ‘Team of Rivals’ Can Defeat Kabila Uganda’s Opposition FDC Women’s Leader Arrested

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News: Nobel Peace Prize Winner, Wangari Maathai, dies aged 71

Wangari Maathai, the first African woman to win the Nobel Peace Prize died on Sunday in a hospital in Nairobi. Maathai was an inspiring figure; a social activist and environmental campaigner and a relentless advocate of the struggles of women in … Continue reading

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Kenya: Tourists Find Dog at Peak of Mt Kilimanjaro

Tourists climbing Africa’s highest peak at 5,800 metres spotted a lone dog seemingly living in the vicinity. The tip of the mountain where the dog was seen is usually snow capped with stony plains and has a  usual temperature of between … Continue reading

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