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Where does the Libyan flag come from?

Those who watched the images of the Libyan war on their TV might have noticed: the new Libyan flag appeared to be everywhere. Did the National Transitional Council (NTC) have a secret stash of these flags somewhere in Benghazi before … Continue reading

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The Libyan war: a geopolitical perspective

It is very difficult to understand the real contours of current events in Libya. In spite of rebels’ bold claims, too often supported by the uncritical attitude of Western media, Colonel Gaddafi seems still able to control certain parts of … Continue reading

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October 2010 or when France planned to topple Gaddafi (apparently)

In 1998, François-Xavier Verschave, a French journalist, borrowed the neologism Françafrique from Felix Houphouët-Boigny, the former Ivorian president. This term, still used today, was used by Verschave to designate the official and unofficial links between France and its former African … Continue reading

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