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Africa drought pushes Kenya and Somalia into pre-famine conditions

    Africa drought pushes Kenya and Somalia into pre-famine conditions Somalia drought forces more people into displacement camps Ten killed in clashes over grazing and water and Red Cross says several have died of starvation in Kenya Advertisements

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The Senegalese wrath

Enough is enough for many Senegalese. Last week, they prevented their president Abdoulaye Wade from modifying the election system. The latter in office since 2000 wanted to create a vice-president who would have been elected on the same ticket as … Continue reading

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Africa News Roundup

Living on the Coke side of life in Swaziland Why Kenya is spending big money to win friends in Washington DC ICC issues Gaddafi arrest warrant Egypt says will not need IMF and World Bank funds US urges Cameroon to … Continue reading

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Army jets ‘bomb south Sudan villages’ – Africa – Al Jazeera English

Army jets ‘bomb south Sudan villages’ – Africa – Al Jazeera English.

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Michelle Obama’s South Africa Speech

This week Michelle Obama travelled to South Africa as part of an official state visit to Africa. Speaking at the Young African Women Leaders Forum in Soweto, Mrs. Obama spoke on the importance of education, health, wellness and community activism … Continue reading

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‘Mother Africa’ and Black Internationalism

For many individuals and groups throughout the black diaspora, Africa has often been characterised as the ‘motherland’, a gendered and racialised geographical space from which all scattered peoples of African descent inevitably originated. Ideas of ‘Mother Africa’ have historically informed … Continue reading

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A New Roman Empire: The Geopolitics of Fascist Italy in Africa, 1931-41

During the 1920s Benito Mussolini pursued a cautious foreign policy, trying to present his new fascist regime as a responsible and stable actor on the international scene. After the Corfu incident of 1923, in fact, the Italian leader adopted a … Continue reading

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