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Challenging the fundamentals of famine analysis- extending de Waal’s study

In 1989 Alexander de Waal published Famine that Kills, a revolutionary peasant-focused thesis that introduced two interesting concepts.  First, he argues that famine victims often forgo eating to increase the chance of maintaining their livelihood after the food shortage ends, … Continue reading

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Why did northern Ethiopian peasants starve in the 1973-1974 famine?

According to a 1974 UN FAO report 300,000 people, predominantly the northern rural poor, died during the 1973-1974 Ethiopian famine.  There are a plethora of factors that created this famine from the imperial feudal system to the cumbersome reaction by … Continue reading

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The Italian Colonisation of Africa on Youtube

In a previous post, I described how Google tried to improve its image by creating the Nelson Mandela Digital Archive. Once again, Google has contributed to the preservation of an enormous amount of archival material by digitising nearly 30,000 clips … Continue reading

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A new Afar Sultan for the Horn of Africa

On 10 November 2010, a new Afar Sultan called Hanfareh Ali Mirah was crowned in Ethiopia. What does it mean for the Horn of Africa? There are around 1,000,000 Afar or Danakil people who live mainly in Ethiopia, Djibouti and … Continue reading

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Forward: Stop the abuse in Eritrea! Respect basic rights!

Stop the abuse in Eritrea! Respect basic rights! A global plea for action This statement was put together by Eva Bruchhaus (nc-bruchhev@netcologne.de), Dr Asia Abdulkadir, Jonas Berhe and Konrad Melcher in Germany; Dan Connell, Professor,Simmons College, Boston, USA (danconnell@mac.com), Professor … Continue reading

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New UN Report for East Africa Drought

UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) Report on East Africa Drought The new report from the OCHA indicates that the ‘total population in need in the region’ now stands at around 10.7 million. The situation in Uganda and Burundi … Continue reading

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Africa drought pushes Kenya and Somalia into pre-famine conditions

    Africa drought pushes Kenya and Somalia into pre-famine conditions Somalia drought forces more people into displacement camps Ten killed in clashes over grazing and water and Red Cross says several have died of starvation in Kenya

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