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October 2010 or when France planned to topple Gaddafi (apparently)

In 1998, François-Xavier Verschave, a French journalist, borrowed the neologism Françafrique from Felix Houphouët-Boigny, the former Ivorian president. This term, still used today, was used by Verschave to designate the official and unofficial links between France and its former African … Continue reading

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New Research Page

Check out our new page combining innovative research papers and longer blog posts.  This week our resident South Africa and Transatlantic expert Nick Grant invites new perspectives on Nelson Mandela from the former South African President’s own writings.

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Southern Sudan Watch

The recent referendum in Sudan held the opportunity for the birth of a new state and the possibility of a realigning of regional relationships in East Africa’s fractious political sphere. These hopes are being steadily undermined. On the 14th march the Government … Continue reading

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Sources and Resources

A brief list of obvious, and not so obvious places to check out if you are starting out on an African history dissertation/thesis: National Archives, Kew: particularly the FO and CO series among others. Birmingham Library Special Collections: Church Missionary … Continue reading

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What about Ivory Coast?

A leader willing to use violence against his own people, protesters shot dead on the street, looming humanitarian problems, and the spectre of all out civil war; but this is not Libya. The deteriorating situation in Ivory Coast is not … Continue reading

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Nigerian elections: 9 April 2011

For the fourth time since 1999, the Nigerians will have to choose a new president on 9 April 2011. What are the stakes? After the rigged elections of 2007, this is the fate of the stability of a civilian and … Continue reading

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