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Africa Updates

A short summary of interesting news: Congo-Kinshasa: In Water-Rich Nation, 50 Million People Lack Clean Water to Drink – UN Gambia: Seventh African Movie Academy Awards Held Africa: Last Frontier for Business Increasingly Abandoned by the U.S. Department of Commerce … Continue reading

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Sources and Resources

A brief list of obvious, and not so obvious places to check out if you are starting out on an African history dissertation/thesis: National Archives, Kew: particularly the FO and CO series among others. Birmingham Library Special Collections: Church Missionary … Continue reading

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In search of an African revolution

International media is following protests across the ‘Arab world’ but ignoring those in Africa. Twenty elections scheduled for 2011 across sub-Saharan Africa. Why hasn’t the brutal treatment of the opposition in Ivory Coast and Gabon attracted the same international response as … Continue reading

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The situation in Libya at 28/02/2011

Zawiyah: 30 miles from Tripoli, the city on the frontline of Libya’s revolt: The city of Zawiyah, controlled by rebels but surrounded by Gaddafi loyalists, is a metaphor for the current stalemate Guardian journalist Peter Beaumont has been inside Libya … Continue reading

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What now for Egypt?

Mubarak stands down and hands power to army

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Egypt: Live feed

Egypt protests – day of departure live updates To follow events in Egypt today on what promises to be a huge day in the country’s future The Guardian’s live feed is at http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/blog/2011/feb/04/egypt-protests-day-departure-live

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The African presidents ranked by the East Africa magazine


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