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Escalation of Demonstrations in Uganda

Increasingly violent battles between police and protestors within Uganda appear to have escalated over night and throughout the morning. Areas of Kampala, the Ugandan capital are virtually impassable according to local reports and the road from the airport at Entebbe … Continue reading

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The History Blogging Project

Check out perspectivesonafrica’s contribution to the fantastic History Blogging Project here: The History Blogging Project is an AHRC/University of Oxford/University of Roehampton initiative encouraging online enagagment among academic historians. You can find blogs there on all aspects of historical research- … Continue reading

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perspectivesonafrica published!

For anyone interested in post-election Uganda check out this piece by perspectivesonafrica writer Aidan Stonehouse on Think Africa Press.

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Discord in Southern Sudan

Following the virtually unanimous decision to divide Sudan later this year little international attention has been devoted to the continuing discord in the proposed southern state. Fighting between the Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA) and militia groups formerly linked to Khartoum … Continue reading

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Constructing a continent

Studying African history has allowed me to appreciate the challenging nature of constructing a continent almost entirely through the eyes of European historians. Given the backdrop of colonial domination, it seems ironic that the story of African liberation has been … Continue reading

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The Radicalism of Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela has been universally praised by political leaders in ‘the West’ for his leadership of post-apartheid South Africa. However, Mandela’s relationship with ‘western’ governments hadn’t always appeared so harmonious. In 1980 conservative MP Teddy Taylor commented that Mandela “should be shot”, whilst as late as 1987 the ANC remained a “terrorist organisation” in the eyes of Margaret Thatcher. Characterisations such as these were partly informed by Mandela’s long held and vocal opposition to western imperialism in Southern Africa. In the 1950s, at the height of mass civil disobedience against oppressive race laws, Mandela vehemently opposed the involvement of both the U.S. and Britain in South African affairs. The piece, which appeared in the journal Liberation in March 1958 gives an indication of Mandela’s ideological anti-imperialism and raises questions over how Mandela as a global political figure is viewed today… Continue reading

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A PhD in African History

My project examines the history of Borno, a region located nowadays in north-eastern Nigeria on the western shores of Lake Chad. The aim of my thesis is to obtain a broad sense of the question of the boundaries and territory … Continue reading

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