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Nigeria, a Russian website and Chinua Achebe (1930-2013)

I think it was on a Russian website a few years ago. I am not so sure. I knew I wanted to study Nigeria and I didn’t know where to start. I googled “Nigeria” and found a series of texts … Continue reading

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Impact of the internet on historical research

The rise of the internet has profoundly changed historical research.  This paper will analyse the two main aspects of the internet’s impact on historical research.  Increased accessibility is the main advantage across both sections whereas there are a myriad of … Continue reading

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Andrew Feinstein’s The Shadow World

As Andrew Feinstein admitted in the packed former LUCAS library at 4pm on the 6th March 2013, it is hard to compress 500+ pages and 3000+ references of his latest book, The Shadow World, into 45 minutes.  It is harder … Continue reading

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Local media representation of famine in Africa: cover-ups, instability and death

De Waal’s seminal publication in 1995, Famine that Kills, altered Western academia’s interpretation of famine.  The basis of his thesis is that the African concept of famine does not use the presence of deaths from starvation as a criterion for … Continue reading

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Uganda Separatism: Acholi’s Seek to Form New Nile Republic

After many years of civil war caused by the Lord’s Resistance Army under Joseph Kony in northern Uganda, the most affected people, the Acholi, are raising the issue of whether they should remain part of the country. Through their lawmakers … Continue reading

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