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Impact of the internet on historical research

The rise of the internet has profoundly changed historical research.  This paper will analyse the two main aspects of the internet’s impact on historical research.  Increased accessibility is the main advantage across both sections whereas there are a myriad of … Continue reading

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Facing the facts

African history has often been overlooked by the general public, with perceptions of the continent being ravaged by famine, Aids, tribal conflict and many other negative connotations. At times this lead to donations to various charities but is quickly forgotten. … Continue reading

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Through the eyes of a University student

Over the last few months I have discovered a new found inspiration in Vincent Hiribarren’s African history module, some of you will know him as a curator and blogger of this page. Never studying African history before except touching on … Continue reading

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Book review: Nigeria, Nationalism, and Writing History, Toyin Falola and Saheed Aderinto.

See the full review of Nigeria, Nationalism, and Writing History, Toyin Falola and Saheed Aderinto on the website of the Centre for African Studies of the University of Leeds. (LUCAS)

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Constructing a continent

Studying African history has allowed me to appreciate the challenging nature of constructing a continent almost entirely through the eyes of European historians. Given the backdrop of colonial domination, it seems ironic that the story of African liberation has been … Continue reading

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A PhD in African History

My project examines the history of Borno, a region located nowadays in north-eastern Nigeria on the western shores of Lake Chad. The aim of my thesis is to obtain a broad sense of the question of the boundaries and territory … Continue reading

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African history in fiction: The novels that add flesh to historical bones

One of the best things about studying Africa is that so much of the continent’s post-colonial literature is imbued with personal, perceptive and challenging insights into some of the unavoidable themes of African history. Fictional accounts, often fused with local … Continue reading

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