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Andrew Feinstein’s The Shadow World

As Andrew Feinstein admitted in the packed former LUCAS library at 4pm on the 6th March 2013, it is hard to compress 500+ pages and 3000+ references of his latest book, The Shadow World, into 45 minutes.  It is harder … Continue reading

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A missed opportunity to explore contemporary memory of apartheid

Dr Jonny Steinberg presented his paper ‘High Modernist statecraft under Verwoerd’ in the Imperial and Colonial Seminar held at the University of Leeds on the 21st November 2012.  The inspiration for this paper came from a closed-door think tank meeting … Continue reading

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Review of the Nelson Mandela Digital Archive Project

I have recently taught a History course about Nelson Mandela at the University of Leeds. Along with my students, we have analysed Nelson Mandela’s autobiography, The Long Walk to Freedom in class and during one of our seminars, we have … Continue reading

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Facing the facts

African history has often been overlooked by the general public, with perceptions of the continent being ravaged by famine, Aids, tribal conflict and many other negative connotations. At times this lead to donations to various charities but is quickly forgotten. … Continue reading

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Is Food Security in Africa Increasing?

  Eastern Cape Big Pineapple; Author: NJR ZA; Source: Wiki Commons An interesting article by Miriam Gathigah for Inter Press Africa suggests that several countries on the continent have hugely improved food security over recent years. Ghana, South Africa, Rwanda, Liberia, Malawi … Continue reading

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ANC Centenary: Are you in South Africa?

perspectivesonafrica would love to hear from anyone with a view on the ANC celebrations yesterday: Are you an ANC supporter? Did you attend? What was the event like? Are you proud of the last hundred years of ANC history? How … Continue reading

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Michelle Obama’s South Africa Speech

This week Michelle Obama travelled to South Africa as part of an official state visit to Africa. Speaking at the Young African Women Leaders Forum in Soweto, Mrs. Obama spoke on the importance of education, health, wellness and community activism … Continue reading

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